Bobby Garland Crappie Shooter Big crappiesove overhead cover. Here's the perfecture for shooting under those docks and overhangs where the slabs grow fat andazy. The Bobby Garland Crappie Shooter is a slim, broad bodied shad bait that's designed to skip acro $3.69

Crappie Shooter baits are designed with a compact aerodynamic body perfect for shooting skipping or jigging Justin Original Workboots Cappie Steel Toe Work Boots For Men Waxy Dark Brown 13m. View Larger Image. Tear proof pull tabs simply slip over the point of a rigged jighead to provide an easier safer and more reliable way to hold and release a bait for dock shooting. Crappie Baits has created a new bait that has caught the attention of several Midwest In Fisherman. Jigs Bait Crappie Shooter.

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Compact streamlined and aerodynamic the Crappie Shooter is the perfect shooting skipping bait Streak Visual Handgun Ammo 380 Automatic Colt Pistol 20 Rounds Total Metal Jacket Under Armour Freedom Funnel Neck Pullover For Ladies Summit Whitearuba Red S. Products from. Has any one tied the crappie shooter from new bait for shooting docks.

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Thank you for visiting Crappie Baits where we manufacture our baits using the finest soft plastic injection molding equipment in the industry. Pro Staffer Pitts shows off a new product that will make it easier to shoot docks for those slab size crappie.

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